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The Saluki Green Action team is made up of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of SIU who are committed to helping make our community more sustainable, starting with energy and water conservation. Our team members educate themselves and their peers by taking simple actions and developing habits that make a big difference.

Our overall goal is to increase awareness of individual and group collective campus actions and to measurably reduce SIU's carbon footprint, working toward the goal of zero impact.

Think you have what it takes? Sign up today!

Signing up means that you'll receive a weekly email, similar to what you see on our "Take Action!" page and our monthly Sustainable Salukis Newsletter.

Follow these steps to join the Saluki Green Action Team

  1. Send email to: LISTSERV@SIU.EDU
  2. The text of the email should contain the following command: SUB SUSTAINABILITY-L firstname lastname. For example:

    From: John Doe <>
    Subj: (Note: The subject line can be ignored when communicating with LISTSERV. )
    You will receive a subscription confirmation and will be added to the Saluki Green Action Team.


Andrew adjusting thermostat

SIU Sustainability Fellow, Andrew Aaflaq, shows us how to take action and save energy by adjusting the thermostat. 

Gabby answering phone

SIU Volleyball player Gabriella Shepherd shows us how easy it is to take action when reporting a maintenance issue! Good save!

Visit the Sustainability Office or Sustainability Hub in the Student Center to get a free reusable water bottle.

students listening to conversation at Morris library

students gathering around computer at morris library
students conversation at Morris library