Jobs in Sustainability

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Jobs in Sustainability

At SIU, we strive to cultivate a lifelong appreciation for sustainability, and hope that the work that students and faculty do here on campus translates to their everyday lives for years to come. For those interested in the sustainability field, we have provided some beneficial resources below, including relevant comments from current Salukis and alumni!

Employers are seeking to retain persons who have knowledge of sustainability:

SIU Photo of Cami Sockow "Sustainability has helped me hone in on my love for people and the environment. Working at the SIU sustainability Office allowed me to acquire skills that helped me gain a position after graduate school. I was fortunate to have a supervisor that not only guided me, but also gave me the freedom to pursue new ideas about program and events I had for the office."

- Cami Sockow, Sustainability Program Coordinator at Georgia Southern University, Former SIU Sustainability GA 

SIU Photo of Derick Chick "During the interview, the hiring manager thought my involvement with sustainability was a plus because sustainability impacts are defining the future of the aviation industry."

- Derick Chick, Aviation Intern, Former SIU Sustainability GA



SIU Photo of Julia sustainability "When applying to jobs, if I got a call back for an interview, it was almost always thanks to my sustainability internship! In today's market, employers are really expecting new graduates to have a good understanding of sustainability, because they know it will help their business thrive."

- Julia Sanabria, Environmental Management Apprentice with Compass Minerals, Former Sustainability Fellow

SIU Photo of Dr. Lesle Duram “Sustainability opens doors for students in all disciplines. I know students from majors across campus who have expanded their skills by gaining knowledge about sustainability.  From automotive technology to zoology, with business, journalism, recreation, and everything in between - sustainability helps students have that "edge" in the job market. It's that extra expertise that others within their major might not have.”

- Dr. Leslie A. Duram, Director of the Environmental Studies Program