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Aimee Lemrise
Director of Sustainability

At SIU, we believe that the daily actions of every individual can drive a more sustainable community. The Sustainability Office catalyzes sustainable decision-making on campus. We are guided by the following:

Our mission: The Sustainability Office at Southern Illinois University Carbondale is committed to empowering a culture of sustainability through collaborative campus-based solutions across academics, operations, research, and campus life.

Our vision: We envision a community that embodies ethical and sustainable actions in everyday decision-making. By inspiring innovative solutions and encouraging cross-functional collaboration, we strive to create a model campus environment that engages students and community members in sustainable lifestyles. We guide our campus members to be responsible citizens who positively impact a global community through local actions.

Our values: As we strive to integrate sustainability into our culture, we are committed to the following values:  

Respect, Responsibility, Diversity, Collaboration, Lifelong Learning 

Sustainability can be found in the work achieved by students, faculty, and staff members, all working as a community striving toward a healthier living environment. Sustainability at SIU is a dynamic combination of sustainability theory and practices. Here we encourage innovative thinking and collaboration, enthusiasm for one’s work, and personal responsibility and initiative for more sustainable solutions and lifestyles. SIU Carbondale fosters sustainability-minded citizens who understand of the integral nature of ecological health, economic prosperity, and social equity.