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Did you know:

You can be a more Sustainable Saluki during Halloween? There are many creative ways you can make a difference!

Salukis Take Action:

Try swapping in some sustainable Halloween alternatives:


Don't forget about Saluki Safety! Here are some helpful tips and resources to have fun this holiday and keep yourself, and those around you safe: Good Health-Goal 3.

  • The Night Safety Transit: Transport service provided for students on and off campus Monday through Friday. For more information click here.
  • The Saluki Express: Transportation service offered throughout the week. Their Late Night route is offered on the weekends and ends at 2:30 am.

There are more exciting campus events coming up!

On Nov. 10, Touch of Nature is having Trail Stewardship Days, which allow volunteers to help build trails while learning new skills. By creating new hiking trails we are supporting Goal 15- Life on Land and Goal 3- Good Health.


    *This post was written by Sustainability fellow, Ashton Szymcek.

Keep up the great work,  
Saluki Green Action Team