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 Did you know: There are important campus recycling updates? From now on, the only plastics that you should put in the Mixed Recycling bins on campus are bottles labeled #1 or #2. 

Commonly used items with a "neck" CAN go in the recycling bin. That includes containers that typically contain products such as: 

  • Water/soda. 
  • Shampoo. 
  • Laundry detergent. 
  • Milk. 


Take Action:  Respond to the changing landscape of recycling by staying informed about what local facilities are currently accepting.   


Check out our updated recycling guidelines summarized by University Communications and Marketing. 

Look for these numbers on the bottom:


Resources :


·         Interested in what those numbers mean? Each number represents a different resin and type of plastic. 

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·         Follow an illustrated story about one of the largest studies conducted on plastic pollution. 

·         The history of plastic in America. 

·         Southern Recycling, serving Southern Illinois since 1988. 

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