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Did you know: Poor eating habits don't just affect your body; they have an effect on the environment, too.    

Take Action: Try following the daily recommended intake. You will be healthier and it will reduce your environmental impact. 



Not following the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) guidelines increases your risk for heart disease, stroke, or type 2 diabetes. Meanwhile, food production and transportation accounts for 20-30% of total greenhouse gas emissions. If we would follow the dietary recommendation, the emissions percentile would fall 13-25%. Here are some ways you can reduce greenhouse gases while improving your health: 
  • Instead of eating out with friends, plan to eat in with everyone contributing to the meal. You will save money, increase quality time with friends, reduce food waste and probably have leftovers to enjoy! 
  • Up to 35% of the food we buy is thrown out, so make sure to only buy groceries you know will get used. 
  • Americans only get 15% of their protein from plant-based sources as the biggest percentage comes from meat products. By using more plant-based protein and fewer animal products, we could save enough water to provide California with about two-thirds of the state’s water supply. 
  • Make a goal every week to help you eat healthier. For example, eat greens with at least two meals per day or only eat out once a week. 

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