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Hello Saluki Green Action Team!   

Congratulations SGAT! You've made it halfway through the semester. One more week until spring break.

Did you know: Spring break season results in an increase in pollution in the ocean – particularly a specific kind of pollution?  

Take Action: Plan ahead before you go to the beach and take part in protecting the ocean. You can have a direct impact on the amount of nonpoint source pollution. 



Nonpoint source pollution (NPS) is pollution that comes from many different sources, not one specific source such as a factory, and is most commonly carried by runoff. Pollutants are picked up by rainfall over the ground or washed away by waves, carrying natural and human-made pollutants into the ocean.  

Roughly 40% of college students travel to the beach over spring break and if they aren't careful, this influx of people can contribute to non-point beach pollution. 

There are many easy ways you can be a responsible beach visitor. By protecting the ocean you can help protect the animals that live there and their habitats as well. Beach visitors frequently leave behind such things as:  cans, tarps, food containers and towels.  

  • When at the beach bring reusable straws and cups to avoid single plastic use items. 
  • Bring personal recycling bins/trash bags and use them. 
  • Have a check list to make sure you leave with everything you brought. 
  • If you see a full recycling bin talk to a local lifeguard, police officer or beach staff member about changing it. 
  • Follow the clean-up initiatives for the city you are visiting. 

You CAN make a difference! 


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Saluki Green Action Team