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Last week, we celebrated Valentine's Day. Now let's talk about another home relationship that's part of our daily lives.

Did you know: Being careless about opening and closing your fridge door can waste between 50 to 100 kWh (Kilowatts per hour) per year?  To put that in perspective, 50 kWh of energy could run your dishwasher 20 times and 100 kWh of energy could run your washing machine 50 times. 
Leaving a refrigerator door open accounts for 7% of the appliance’s total energy use. 

Take Action: Manage your relationship with your friend, the refrigerator, because in the long run, it what's best for you, your refrigerator and the environment.  

  • Individuals spend an average of 10.5 hours a year standing in front of an open fridge/freezer. 
    • Avoid wasting energy by keeping the door closed and thinking about what you need before you open the door. That way you can reduce the amount of time the door is left open letting cold air escape. 
  • Refrigerators also use more energy cooling off hot/warm food. 
    • Letting leftovers cool off for a few minutes before putting them in the fridge will save energy and save you money on your next electric bill!
Watch this short video on tips to save money on your fridge:

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