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Did you know:

By utilizing the 30+ water refill stations on campus, we have avoided using 1.3 million single-use plastic bottles?

Start the new year off with healthy habits that make a positive impact! Consider these facts in your daily decision making:

  • Researchers have found that the environmental costs of making, processing, labeling, and transporting plastic bottles are much higher than is required for tap water.
  • Our unnecessary reliance on single-use bottles sends tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every year.
  • It takes approximately 17 million barrels of oil, or the equivalent, to produce the plastic for bottled water consumed by Americans each year.
  • Plastic bottles take over 450 years to decompose in landfills and less than 40% are recycled.
  • Bottled water is 2,000 times more expensive for the consumer than tap water.
  • Bottled water is no cleaner, safer or healthier than tap water!

Salukis Take Action:


Commit to reduce the amount of waste that we generate on campus! Only you know where you can cut back, but we have a suggestion. Stop using single-use plastic water bottles. Don't have a reusable bottle? We have you covered.

Stop by the Sustainability Hub, located on the first floor of the Student Center, from Jan. 13-17 between 8:30 am - 4:30 pm to receive a FREE reusable bottle.



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Saluki Green Action Team