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Did you know: In the U.S. alone, we used almost 6 billion kilowatts of electricity washing laundry last year? Even worse, we consumed 57 billion kilowatts drying our laundry.  

Take Action: Conserve energy while doing laundry with these helpful tips: 
  • Wear it more than once (except maybe your “unmentionables,” of course.) Even Levi’s recommends only washing jeans after about every 10 wears! 

  • Wash most laundry in cold water. Use hot water for washing sheets and towels that have been near someone who has been sick.

  • Use concentrated/green detergent. Some places, such as Wal-Mart, only sell this kind of detergent. Be sure to look at the dosage recommendation and use only the amount you need.

  • Air-dry laundry whenever possible. Your clothes will also last longer because the dryer actually increases wear and tear on items.

  • Increase the spin speed. This removes more water from your laundry and cuts drying time. 

Here’s a video showing the results of washing your clothes with hot versus cold water:

Check out this interesting little laundry guide:  

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