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Hello Saluki Green Action Team - SGATs!  

Did you know: Our Campus Sustainability Month continues this week with even more activities! 

Take Action: Get Involved! 

  • Get to know the geography of our campus while winning prizes with the Geocache Tour, hosted by the Geography and Environmental Resources Department all week long (see instructions on how to play below).  
  • Send in your staff member application to join the Sustainability Council by Wednesday, Oct. 24.  Feel free to email greenfund@siu.edu with any questions about the submission process.  
  • Attend the Sustainability Council Meeting on Friday, Oct. 26 at 10:00 a.m. at Morris Library, Rm 752. Students interested in applying for the student member position (term to begin in spring 2019) are encouraged to attend.  
  • Come join us for a fun filled game night, hosted by the Greyhawke Gamers Guild on Friday, Oct 26 at 5:30 p.m. at the Student center dining area! Games include Catan, Eco Fluxx, Coldwater Crown, and Photosynthesis.
  • Have an idea to make your corner of campus more sustainable? Consider applying for a Green Fund Grant! Our next workshop is Tuesday, Oct. 30 at 4:30 p.m. at Morris Library, Rm 480A.

All are welcome! 

geocache info

Get to know the geography of your campus. 

Geocache Tour of SIU

Find hidden caches located at Green Fund sites, art installations, historical monuments and win prizes!

October 22 - 28, 2018

geocache how to paly

How to play:

  1. Open Google Maps on your phone and enter a coordinate pair in the search box. The approximate location of the cache will be displayed.
  2. Walk to the location and search inthe vicinity for the small container.
  3. When you find the cache, open to see if it contains a winning certificate! 2 caches will have a $5 gift card for eery day of the game!
  4. Sign your name (if desired) and return the cache to its hiding place!

To collect your prize: Bring your certificate to the Geography and Environmental Resources Departments office. Faner Hall 4520 Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4 pm.

geocache coordinates

Cache Coordinates

Latitude Longitude
O37.709145 -89.221922
37.708687 -89.220734
37.714917 -89.221973
37.714739 -89.222138
37.710327 -89.215589
37.714615 -89.225351
37.7075739 -89.2255953
37.71646 -89.222305
37.712447 -89.222746
37.7182387 -89.2192328
37.7229362 -89.2154230
37.7734707 -89.2524533

Win a Prize: Share our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram posts! Invite your friends to sign up, and you'll receive an extra entry in our next prize drawing.

Keep up the great work,  
Saluki Green Action Team