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Hello Saluki Green Action Team - SGATs!  

October is Sustainability Month. The EcoChallenge competition, running from October 3 - 24, is one of the ways you can get involved! 

Did you know:
SIU Carbondale and Edwardsville have joined forces as "SIUnited" to win this nationwide competition!  

With EcoChallenge, you choose a challenge, take action, earn points and see our collective impact add up. Here are some examples of sustainable actions: 

  • Food:  eat meatless meals, eat locally-sourced products, do meals planning. 
  • Health: exercise daily, sleep enough, quit smoking, avoid refined sugar, and audit/eliminate toxic cleaners at home.  
  • Water: limit showers to 5 minutes or less, turn off water while brushing teeth, repair or report leaky faucets. 
  • Energy: switch to LED light bulbs, adjust the thermostat and open windows, and turn unnecessary lights off. 
  • Waste: compost your food waste, print two-sided, recycle everything you can and use reusable shopping bags and water bottles. 
  • Transportation: use public transit, carpool, bike or walk instead of driving – we are a bicycle friendly university! 

students bike on campus

Take Action:

Find out more: October 2018 EcoChallenge

Post Credit: Cecilia Albert-Black, 2018 fall Sustainability Fellow 

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Keep up the great work,  
Saluki Green Action Team