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Hello Saluki Green Action Team - SGATs!  

During these last few weeks of summer, everyone in Southern Illinois has water on their mind. Whether it’s trying to stay hydrated when outdoors, having fun in pools and lakes, or keeping gardens irrigated, we’re all thinking about water use every day. But water is an even bigger part of our lives than you may realize. 

Did you know: That according to the GRACE communication foundation, the average person in the U.S. uses 2,200 gallons of water per day, accounting for both direct and indirect water usage? A significant part of this water use comes not from drinking it or showering or other daily activities, but from “virtual water,” which is water that is used to create the food, products, and energy we all use. Keep in mind that products are often produced elsewhere, having an impact on water resources in other locations. Here are some fast facts about water consumption in three areas: 


  • Diet makes up the largest part of a person’s water footprint. 
  • The production of meat and dairy products requires more water than does producing fruits and vegetables. 


  •  For products other than food, the average American has a footprint of approximately 583 gallons of water per day. 
  •  A smart phone, for example, requires 3,190 gallons of water to produce. 


  •  It takes 3 to 6 gallons of water to produce 1 gallon of gasoline. 
  •  Thermoelectric power plants in the U.S. use 161,000 million gallons of water per day. 


Take Action: Go to https://www.watercalculator.org/ to see how your water footprint compares to the national average! Then, read tips on ways to reduce your daily water usage, particularly in the areas of “virtual water.” For example, try following a Meatless Monday plan to reduce your meat consumption, recycle or donate any products you can, and carpool with friends to reduce your energy use! 

Mark your Calendar! Our 1st SGAT meet-up is next week: Tuesday, September 11 at noon (see poster below). Come meet fellow SGAT members! 

SGAT meet ups

***Individuals with disabilities are welcomed. Please call 618-453-4738 to request accommodations. 

Sources: https://www.watercalculator.org/  || http://www.gracelinks.org/ 


Post Credit:
Erin Woolard, 2018 fall Sustainability Fellow 


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