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Hello Saluki Green Action Team! As Thanksgiving draws near, meal planning begins. Afraid of having too many leftovers? This week we'll help you plan accordingly to save money and help the environment. 

Did You Know: When food rots, it produces methane gas? Methane is a strong greenhouse gas that actually has more than 21 times the potential to create global warming than carbon dioxide does. (Source: https://greenblue.org/ways-to-avoid-food-waste-over-thanksgiving/

Take Action Now: Prevent food waste by planning your menu carefully so you don't buy or prepare more food than you and/or your guests will consume.

thanksgiving dinner

Austin Nunn and his friend David Cohen, University Bookstore associate, discuss how much food to take to Thanksgiving dinner. (Chips count as a side dish, right?)


To Win a Prize: What actions have you taken to prevent food waste? Post your methods to our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram/Twitter to be entered for a chance to win this month's prize! 

Invite your friends to join the team, too. If they mention that you referred them when they sign upyou'll receive an extra entry in our next prize drawing.

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