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Hello Saluki Green Action Team!

Meet Water Dawg! Water Dawg is a water refill station that provides potable water at outdoor events. This provides us with a way to stay hydrated without using disposable water bottles, thereby reducing plastic waste and saving money. SIU units interested in requesting a Water Dawg for their event can reach out to Plant and Service Operations at foc@pso.siu.edu  or 453-3621.

 Water Dawg, our outdoor water station designed to make it easier for people to refill water bottles at outdoor events.



Did you know: Anyone organizing campus events can help reduce our overall campus waste by requesting the Water Dawg and encouraging attendees to bring their own water bottles?  

For example, all of the Sunset Concerts taking place at Shryock Auditorium this season will have the Water Dawg on site for everyone to use. 

Take ActionBring Your Own Bottle this concert season - and remember the Water Dawg when planning for large campus events this fall! 


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