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SIU Carbondale’s history of sustainability starts as early as 1959 with R. Buckminster Fuller, a professor here from 1959-1971, who many credit as being the father of the modern sustainability movement. During his time at SIU, Bucky traveled the world encouraging sustainable values through his philosophies and designs. He was tireless in his call to “do more with less” and create a world that would “work for 100% of humanity […] without ecological destruction.” Today, many people involved in sustainable efforts around the world are aware of Fuller’s work and connect him to SIU.

SIU Carbondale became the first school in Illinois to sign the Talloires Declaration in 1999. Created by presidents of institutions of higher learning, the declaration consisted of 10 foundational actions and signified that SIU was committed to becoming a leader in developing, creating and maintaining sustainability. The signing of this document led to the development of Southern Sustainability, which completed the school’s first environmental assessment in 2000.

Get Involved In Sustainability


SIU provides numerous service and volunteer opportunities for our campus community members.  Most of these opportunities are coordinated through the Saluki Volunteer Corps, and sustainability related service opportunities can be found below. Read More

Going Green LLC

The Going Green LLC will consist of new and returning students interested in sustainability and will participate in programming that cultivates their understanding of issues related sustainability in Neely Hall
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Green RSOs

Part of the Sustainability Network initiative is to create a roster of sustainability oriented individuals and groups here at SIU.  RSOs that promote any sustainability values and the appreciation of Southern Illinois’ are included. 
Search for sustainability-related RSOs here.

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