Toner and Ink Sharing Program

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Toner and Ink Sharing Program

We have free ink and toner cartridges available through our office! If you are responsible for ordering these for your office, please check here first before purchasing your replacement. Students are also encouraged to use this program.

Toner Cartridge on Shelf

1. Take a look at our "Ink & Toner Sharing Program" document to browse our inventory for any cartridges your office may be able to utilize. [Note that this inventory page will open in a new browser tab (the online version of excel).]

TROUBLESHOOTING: This link is a public link, which should be accessible to anyone without logging in. If you are having trouble accessing the inventory document, please try any of the following:

  • If you are receiving a prompt to log in to your SIU account, log in. If you still cannot gain access, try logging in specifically via or other SIU authentication site. If that still does not work, try a different browser.
  • Try this link, which does require that you log in to your account.
  • Try a different browser that may not require you to log in to your SIU account.
  • Open this ink/toner sharing page from your phone, which may not require you to log in to your SIU account.
  • If none of these work, send us an email at and we will download the inventory sheet and send it to you as an attachment.

2. If there is an item you can use, e-mail with your name, department name, mail code number, and the specific cartridge/s for use in your SIU office. We will send you the  item through campus mail.

3. Items will be distributed on a first come, first served basis using the zero waste email account.

4. We will update the list as cartridges are distributed and received, so you can check that link anytime for availability.

See also the Ink Cartridge Recycling Page for more information about what to do with your empty cartridges.

Download and print this flyer to post near your printer for easy reference.

Ink and Toner Programs Flyer

(Click to View PDF)

Thank you for helping us to save money, divert good materials from the landfill, and promote sustainability! If you have any questions, please e-mail If you have usable and full ink and toner cartridges, please send them to the Sustainability Office through Campus Mail (Mail Code 4418) labeled “FULL: TO SHARE.”