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In the Classroom

You can book one of our sustainability representatives to present to your classroom! Email We have the following presentations available, but can also adjust timing and content to meet the needs of your class.

General Sustainability presentation

What IS sustainability? This is a great introduction- We will talk about various definitions, the 3 pillars, and how we can practice sustainability on our campus and in higher education in general. We'll relay the history of sustainability at SIU, Sustainability Office initiatives, and how students can get involved. This can be geared toward any department or major. (45 minutes)

Green Tour

Follow us on a walking tour through campus to visit projects that have been part of the Green Fund Grant Program. Students can participate in our normally-scheduled First Friday Tour at noon, or schedule a private tour during their class time. We also have an indoor-virtual Green Tour available. (approximately 1.25 hours)

Drawdown Roadshow

Can we drawdown the amount of emissions that we are putting in the atmosphere? YES, and Drawdown researchers tell us HOW. With this interactive workshop, we'll introduce the resource Drawdown: A data-driven, solutions-based guide to 80 scalable technologies that exist today. Solutions range across a wide variety of sectors, including some unexpected solutions that may surprise you. (approximately 1 hr.)

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

17 Global Goals by 2030. With the SDG's, the United Nations outlines the social, economic, and environmental goals that make up a sustainable society. In this interactive workshop, we'll discuss the complex and interconnected nature of these goals, including ways to contribute to our community using the goals as a blueprint. ( approximately 1 hr.)

A Campus Sustainability Lab

Professors across campus have integrated sustainability into their course descriptions and syllabi. In industrial design, students have designed waste and recycling bins as a class project. A School of Journalism marketing class studied sustainability concepts and made recommendations to the university based on their research. A College of Business class completed a marketing research class project, studying student awareness and sustainable practices of SIU students. These are just a few examples. Utilize our office! We are here to collaborate. We can play the role of the client or assist in consulting students on sustainability to further enhance their projects.