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Sustainability Council

The Sustainability Council at Southern Illinois University provides recommendations and advice related to sustainability policies for the SIU campus. The Council is composed of nine members: three students, three faculty, and three staff, who are committed to advancing sustainability efforts on campus. Members apply to serve on the Council where they guide the vision of sustainability for SIU and make decisions regarding Green Fund distribution.

Students serve one-year terms while faculty and staff terms are two years.

All members are expected to attend every Sustainability Council meeting. Meetings are generally scheduled one time per month during the academic year. In addition, there are other committee responsibilities. Note that all students serve on the Green Fund Committee, which includes an extensive time committment. Former Green Fund Committee student members have commented, however, that the skills developed as a part of this committment are invaluable.

The Sustainability Council is currently accepting applications from students, faculty, and staff for positions beginning in fall 2018. The deadline has been extended until May 7th.  

The STUDENT membership application is available here.
The FACULTY membership application is available here.
The STAFF membership application is available here.
Completed membership applications should be emailed to with "Sustainability Council Application" in the subject line.

The Council’s Operating Papers can be found here

Council Members

Name Membership Department Term Began
Kemar Jones   Graduate Student Geography & Env. Resources Fall 2017
Makenzee Loft Undergraduate Student Geography & Env. Resources Spring 2018
Celine Aguilar   Undergraduate Student Geography & Env. Resources Fall 2017
Leslie Duram   Faculty Geography & Env. Resources 2013; Fall 2017
Tao Huang Faculty Art and Design Spring 2016; Fall 2016
Shannon McDonald  Faculty Architecture Fall 2016
Sally Wright Staff Recreational Sports and Services Fall 2016
Marianne Wilson   Staff PSO Building Services Fall 2017
Betsy Bishop Staff Student Health Services Fall 2017

Note: If there are two dates listed under "Term Began," the first refers to the first appointment on the council and the second refers to the start of the member's most recent term.

sustainability council members

Fall 2017 Sustainability Council Members, left to right: Marianne Wilson, Tao Huang, Leslie Duram, Betsy Bishop, Celine Aguilar, Shannon McDonald, Kemar Jones,  Allyssa Kolenda, Geory Kurtzhals - Sustainability Coordinator. Absent: Sally Wright

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Contact Us

The spring 2018 meeting schedule is as follows: 

  • January 19 – Morris Library 752
  • February 23 - Morris Library 752
  • March 23 – Morris Library Lerner Music Studio
  • April 13 - Morris Library 480A
  • May 10 or April 27 (tentatively scheduled) - Both dates are currently booked in Morris Library 752. We will finalize this meeting based on Sustainability Council needs determined as the semester progresses.

All meetings are 1:45 – 3:15 pm.

Please contact with questions.