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SIU Recycling Quick Guide

The Sustainability Office collaborated with AIGA, a professional student design Registered Student Organization, to create a bin signage and labeling system to help communicate what is and is not recyclable on campus. Their designs continue to inform the design of our ongoing signage initiatives. More information about the collaboration can be found here. The photo to the right shows some of the signage located at Touch of Nature Environmental Center.

Use the handy printable signs and labels below for your office and/or event.


Click the below images to access printable pdfs.

    mixed recycling infographic              paper recycling infographic              landfill infographic

mixed recycling infographic

Recycling at SIU Carbondale Quick Guide PDF

Recycle Bin Signage:

Landfill Bin Label Printout
Paper Recycling Bin Label Printout
Mixed Recycling Bin Label Printout

Recycle Bin Labels:

The below images are sized 12X3.

Paper Recycling Horizontal Label Printout

Mixed Recycling Horizontal Label Printout

Landfill Horizontal Label Printout

Size 7X1

Size 7X3