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We'd like to see SUSTAINABILITY reflected in your art!

In collaboration with the Student Programming Council and Student Center, SIU Sustainability is offering a sustainability category as part of the annual fall Undergraduate Art Show and the spring Purchase Awards.

In order to participate, students should follow the instructions for submission listed here. Websites will be updated annually, so check back to see if they have been updated for the current year!

At submission, there will be an opportunity to note that you are entering the sustainability category.

Sustainability submissions will be judged via the established Student Center process AND for the separate, sustainability prize.

Entries that self-select to enter the sustainability category will be judged using the following criteria:

Criteria for Sustainability Art Contest

  Sustainability Principals        ___/10

  Originality/Creativity             ___/10

  Craftsmanship                      ___/10

  Elements of Art                     ___/10

  Degree of Difficulty               ___/10

Artists should use the following definition of "sustainability" for the purpose of the art contest: Sustainability recognizes the impact that people have on the environment and considers the world that we will leave for future generations. Knowing that human health is intrinsically tied to environmental health, sustainability values natural resources and considers the consequences of our actions. Sustainability is about meeting the needs of people and communities in the present, while not compromising the ability for future generations to do the same. Sustainable themes in art are as broad as the concept is complex. What do you think about when you think of long-term ecological health, vibrant communities, and stable fair economies? What is the environmental issue most important to you, globally or locally, and how can you represent that concept visually?

For more information about the general contest rules, please contact Student Programming Council: or call 618-536-3393.
For specific questions about the sustainability category, please contact the Sustainability Office: or call 618-453-2846.