Sustainability Travel Awards

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Sustainability Travel Awards

The Sustainability Council is proud to provide Sustainability Travel Awards to students each semester.  Travel to any conference which has sustainability as its primary focus is eligible for funding. The Council will fund travel up to $500 per person. Applications will be considered by the Council’s Executive Committee on a rolling basis until all funds are distributed.  Please note that only current SIU students are eligible for travel funding, and not all travel-related expenses are eligible. Students who have received travel funding in the past academic year are ineligible for this semester’s award cycle.

The Council begins accepting applications for the Sustainability Travel Award the beginning of each academic year; the form is available here.  Questions should be directed to the Council at with the subject “Sustainability Travel Awards”.

Examples of the variety of past awards include: American Bar Association Section on Environment, Energy, and Resource Law Fall Conference (Baltimore, MD); Power Shift (Pittsburg, PA); National Biodiesel Conference & Expo (San Diego, CA); Society of Environmental Journalists Conference (Chattanooga, TN); Association for Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) Conference (Nashville, TN); Sustainable Water Management Conference (Denver, CO); National Sustainable Agriculture Education Association Conference (Raleigh, NC); Farm to Cafeteria Conference (Austin, TX); and Mountain Justice Spring Break (West Union, WV). 

Esmarie Joost

Pictured above is Zoology Ph.D. candidate, Esmarie Jooste, an awardee of a sustainability travel award Fall 2015. The award helped Esmarie travel to South Africa to present her research titled, Using terrestrial mammalian carnivores for global containment monitoring:Applying North American knowledge to Africa.