Green Fund Application FAQs

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Questions About Applying for a Green Fund Grant?  

We hope to answer some of them here! If you have questions beyond those listed, please contact us at

Many projects need facility support or approval.

PSO (Plant and Service Operations)

To request Green Fund proposal support or approval from PSO, email Include the following in your message:

  • short description of green fund project idea
  • intended location of project
  • expected project budget
  • whether or not this request is part of a class assignment or academic program (If so, please note if you plan to submit this proposal for official review by the Green Fund Committee.)
  • any other information you feel is pertinent.

PSO provides this valuable service to support the Green Fund on a complementary basis. Be respectful of their time and avoid last minute requests. The Green Fund Committee communicates closely with PSO. Requests made prior to February 15th will receive priority consideration.

All Other Facilities

Requests associated with the following campus locations should initially be directed to the leaders of these units via the method listed here. These units will let you know if support is needed from PSO after you have discussed your project idea with them.