Green Fund Application FAQ's

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Questions About Applying for a Green Fund Grant?  

We hope to answer some of them here! If you have questions beyond those listed, please contact us at

When are applications accepted?

The Green Fund Committee is currently awarding Green Fund Grants once a year, the deadline for submissions is March 1st.

Are grants awarded outside of the regular funding cycles?

No. Funding will be awarded during the one round this academic year.

How does the Committee determine funding?

Once applications are received, all Green Fund Committee members evaluate the applications using our approved rubric as a guide. The Committee then meets to discuss specific funding awards. Projects may be funded in full, partially, or not at all by the discretion of the Committee.

The Committee adheres to the following guidelines, set forth in our Operating Papers:

Green Fund projects should:

  • Advance sustainability on the SIU campus.
  • Enhance environmental and societal sustainability in one or more of the following areas: energy, water, waste, buildings, transportation, purchasing, grounds, food and dining, social equity, social practices, academics and research, and education and outreach.
  • Show proof of signed approval by relevant campus department(s) prior to receiving funding, and include plans for local, state, or federal permitting if applicable.
  • Include a plan for long-term maintenance and operations, as appropriate.

Preference will be given to projects that:

  • Have significant student involvement or leadership role(s).
  • Have education, outreach, and research components. 
  • Have acquired other funds to support the project, in addition to what is being requested from the Green Fund.
  • Clearly articulate the greatest benefit to the SIU community for the least cost.
  • Are collaborative in nature, involving multiple units and departments.
  • Support existing campus sustainability priorities

Examples and a listing of projects that have been funded in the past can be found on our Green Funded Projects page.

I applied but did not receive funding in the last round. Is there an appeals process or can I reapply?

There is no appeals process for funding decisions. However, you are encouraged to consider feedback received, make changes to your proposal and reapply for future rounds of funding. We try to give detailed feedback for how rejected proposals can be improved for future consideration, so please refer to your feedback letter if you want to consider reapplying.

I’m a student and have a great idea to improve sustainability on campus!  Can I apply and have my idea be funded?

Yes, of course! This is a student fee, and we highly encourage students to apply. However, in order to ensure that funds are being used correctly, we require that student applicants have a faculty, staff, or RSO advisor listed to help guide you through the process and oversee expenditures.  We also require that relevant campus units approve and support your project prior to funding (for projects improving campus grounds this includes, but is not limited to, Plant and Service Operations).

I’m an alum/community member with a great idea.  Can I apply for a Green Fund award?

No, at least not by yourself. Due to University fiscal policies and procurement issues, we require that the primary contact for a project be currently affiliated with SIU (current faculty, staff, or student) to be eligible to apply for funding. You may contact campus offices and coordinate an application with them, but ultimate responsibility must lie with an SIU department/office.

If I am awarded a Green Fund Grant, how is the funding disbursed? 

Grants are generally funded with 50% of the award being disbursed after attending a mandatory awardee workshop and completing the Green Fund Awardee Agreement. (Here's an example of the agreement, from 2018.) After the project is complete, the other 50% of funds are reimbursed. More details can be found on the awardee resources page.

I have received a Green Fund Award in the past and would like to receive additional funding for another phase of the project. Can I apply for another round of funding? 

Yes, you may apply again as part of our normal funding schedule. Your application should clearly communicate the progress that you have made in your current or existing project. If possible, submit your final report prior to submitting your new application. If this is not possible, a project progress report, using the final report as a guide, should be included in the application. 

How available should equipment purchased be to students, faculty, and staff? 

This varies based on the project and will be assessed via the Outreach and Education section of the rubric.