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Sustainability Projects

Instituted in 2009, the Green Fund has awarded funding for 169 projects, totaling over $2.1 million invested in sustainability across the SIU Carbondale campus community. Categories of projects have included food, energy efficiency, renewable energy, greening/grounds, transportation, waste, and outreach for sustainability efforts.

Funded projects have ranged from events, to graduate and undergraduate research, to long-term investments in facilities on campus to ensure a sustainable future for the SIU campus.

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More Projects Receiving Support From the Green Fund:

SIU Restorative Club RSO - The SIU Restoration Club RSO was given money to turn the overgrown garden by Life Sciences II into a garden with different specimens of prairie grass. The original site was tilled and weeded, and a new stone path was put in. Clusters of 2-3 specimens have been planted with signage identifying them, and a large sign discussing the background of prairielands in Illinois has been installed to help educate students and visitors about grasses native to our state.

Plant and Service Operations (PSO) - With Green Fund help, PSO installed 4 trash/recycling containers featuring a solar-powered compacting mechanism and a “smart belly” function to indicate when a container is nearly full. 

In 2004, SIU received a grant to install a 28kW photovoltaic solar array by the Plant and Service Operations building. Since then, the array has produced over 91,000 kWh of electricity to offset electric purchases from other sources, and has been used for educational and research opportunities.

Sustainable Farm - The Sustainable Farm has received several Green Fund grants In 2012, the Sustainable Farm built both high and low polytunnels to extend its growing season into the winter months, providing fresh produce to students when it is normally scarce. Excess vegetables are sold at local farmer’s markets for further income to support the operation. 

Imagining Geographies - Imagining Geographies was a College of Mass Communication and Media Arts-led, university- & region-wide interdisciplinary initiative with two primary missions: the first of which is to advance investigations, knowledge creation and mobilization, discussion, and multiple forms of expression by faculty, staff, and students across SIU related to space, place, culture, and identity. The second is to share these efforts with the SIU community and residents of Southern Illinois.


Click here to download a full list of the green funded projects from 2009 to present.