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Karen Schauwecker

Sustainability Program Coordinator: Karen Schauwecker

Karen recently joined the Sustainability Office as the Program Coordinator. Some of her experiences include working on a voter registration campaign in Arizona, native plant landscaping in California, and trail building for the Montana Conservation Corps. She is also a Carbondale native and moved back to complete a Master's in Geography and Environmental Resources at SIU in 2015. While at SIU, Karen had the opportunity to work with the LOGIC garden and the SIU Sustainable Vegetable Farm. After graduating, she taught k-8 curriculum in a garden setting in Birmingham, AL with Jones Valley Teaching Farm and then worked at Sewanee, the University of the South as an Assistant Farm Manager.

Sustainability Graduate Assistant: Angel Sanders 


Angel Sanders is from the North-Westside of Chicago, pursuing a Master of Science in Professional Media Management with a track in Multimedia Journalism. She earned her Bachelor's degree in December 2019 at SIU as well. She loves the fall and nature! When it comes to making the world a better place, she believes it all starts from within and with yourself, be the change you want to see!

Sustainability Graduate Assistant: Nisa Fareeha 


Nisa Fareeha is a creative storyteller passionate about intersectionality and social + climate advocacy. Currently, she is pursuing M.S in Media Management, pivoting on the relations of globalization and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. 




Sustainability Fellow: Chloe Padgett 


Chloe Padgett is a second-year transfer student and Intern at the Sustainability Hub, she will be graduating from SIUC in December with her Bachelor’s in University Studies with a minor in Environmental Studies. She believes that it is very important for us to take care of the only planet that we call home. She currently manage the Ink & Toner recycling program. 

Hala Jaber

Former Sustainability Graduate Assistant: Hala Jaber

Hala is currently a master's student in the Electrical Engineering program. Hala joined the SIU Sustainability team because she feels that the sustainability involvement would help her to combine her interest in sustainability with her academic and professional experiences. She strongly believes that it the concept: 'what gets measured, gets managed.' Better measurement and disclosure is necessary for unlocking sustainability innovation in the corporate and public sector. After the program, Hala hopes to continue her working in the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) measurement, disclosure, and investment space.

Angela Korang

Former Sustainability Specialist Research Assistant: Angela A. Korang

Angela is currently a Masters in Public Health student. She also received her PhD from SIU, in Mass Communications & Media Arts, with a focus on health. Her interest in sustainability goes back to her involvement with the Green Earth Organization in Ghana. She is a firm believer that our actions today will affect our existence in the future, hence, we need to make better choices today to safeguard our future. 

Austin Nunn

Former Undergraduate Communications Assistant: Austin Nunn

Austin is a junior studying communication design. He cares about sustainability because "it is vital for our future and we should care about our planet."

Ayomide AdeleyeFormer Outreach and Education Graduate Assistant: Ayomide Adeleye

Ayomide is a pre-med student. She graduated from Northern Illinois University with her bachelor's degree in public health and biology in 2015. Ayomide believes that sustainability is and needs to be continually innovative and there is an absolute need to sustain life of all people.

Jessica Hoagland

Former Visual Communications and Strategy Graduate Assistant: Jessica Hoagland

Jessica is a master's student in the College Student Personnel program. By focusing on visual communications and design, Jessica hopes to "help educate students about their impact on all aspects of sustainability."

Jara McLarren

Former Zero Waste Specialist Graduate Assistant and Office Volunteer: Jara McLarren

Jara will finish the SIU MEDPREP program in May with her MPH in Community Health Education. She cares about sustainability because "human health depends on the continued stability of natural resources and the preservation of ecological systems."

Former Metrics and Data Graduate Assistant: Derick Chick

Derick Chick

Derick is seeking his MPA in Aviation Administration. He is committed to sustainability because he believes that it "can ensure that growth is compatible with the environmental and economic needs of surrounding communities." In doing so, he said that we can avoid "living on Mars when our ecosystem collapses."


Our Sustainability Fellows are part of the Sustainability Office Team, as well. Find out more about them here.