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SIU Sustainability engages in strategic planning via the AASHE (Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education) STARS (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System) reporting mechanism, which serves as a needs assessment for the university. STARS is a points-based system of benchmarking efforts at sustainability in four comprehensive areas: Academics, Engagement, Operations, and Planning & Administration.

Congratulations - we currently hold a ranking of SILVER!

The information gathering for this assessment takes about a year and requires campus-wide cooperation. The resulting report not only highlights some of the positive sustainability work happening here at SIU, but also indicates opportunities for further progress.

STARS is a fully transparent reporting system, and all information supplied is available for viewing at SIU Carbondale’s page on STARS website.

From the thousands of institutions of higher learning worldwide, more than 900 on six continents have registered to participate in AASHE’s STARS program and less than 300 have achieved a ranking of silver or above. You can view the full list of STARS institutions and their respective reports here. You can be a part of this effort! Here are the different ways you can participate:

  1. Join our Saluki Green Action Team!
  2. Join any of the sustainability-related RSOs on campus!
  3. Learn about our Green Office Program and get involved!
  4. Find and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!
  5. Reduce! Reuse!! Recycle!!!
  6. Reduce your carbon footprint! Turn off lights when not in use: use LED lights, go paperless; reduce consumption....
  7. Learn more about SIU Sustainability: visit us at the Sustainability Hub in the Student Center, near the Bowling Alley!
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