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Congratulations, you have been awarded a Green Fund project grant!  The Green Fund Committee and Sustainability Council are committed to the success of your project, and have put together several resources to answer any questions or issues that may arise as you make progress on or complete your project.

Remember that one representative from each project is required to attend the mandatory Green Fund Awardee workshop. Reporting and reimbursement instructions are described during this workshop. Resources are found here:

Below are a list of questions that we frequently receive from Green Fund awardees.  Please let us know if you have a question that is not already answered here by emailing

How do I receive reimbursement from the Green Fund for expenses awarded?

In short, once a project has been awarded, you may receive up to half of the money upfront, with the other half awarded after the project is completed and receipts are handed in.  Please see the Reimbursement Instruction form for specific instructions on how to receive reimbursement.  Please note that we require both receipts and a final report form prior to final reimbursement of expenses.

How long do I have to complete my project?

You have one calendar year to complete the project, send in receipts to our fiscal officer, and submit a final narrative report to the Council about the sustainable benefits derived from your project.  Extensions are granted on a liberal basis by the Council Chair by application.  We realize that some large projects will take more than one year to fully complete, and we encourage departments to communicate this to us upon award.

What happens if I do not get an extension?

If the project has expired with no extension granted, it is the policy of the Council that all funds not reimbursed will revert back to the Green Fund for future use.  We will try to communicate with you before this occurs, but it is your responsibility to ensure that all formalities are taken care of.

Do I have to mention the Green Fund in marketing materials for my funded project?

Yes. This is a relatively new student supported fee, and we are working to get the word out about it.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated, and is required: noncompliance will delay full reimbursement.  If you need more information about the fee or Green Fund in general for your marketing materials, please contact us at

I’d like to use some of my funding for things other than what I included in my proposed project budget.  Can I?

If there are deviations from the project budget that was approved by the Council upon award (i.e. wanting to use money originally budgeted for one thing to go to another, wanting to buy a new model of materials, etc.), please contact the Council Chair for a revised budget approval.  If this is still within the original funding award amount, it will likely be granted.  However, if you need additional funds above your original project award, you must complete a new application and compete for a new Green Fund award (or you can look to other funding sources).

I would like to extend an award for a Graduate Assistant into the next year.  Can I?

Please note that the Council only awards Graduate Assistantship funding for up to one year at a time - no exceptions.  Therefore, if you would like to extend funding for GA positions beyond one year, you must complete a new application and compete for a new Green Fund award.

I need more money/want to extend or expand my project.  Can I apply for a new grant?

Yes, absolutely.  However, we cannot guarantee the new grant will be funded, as we will have to weigh the benefits of continuing support for old projects versus building new projects.  Please do not just copy and paste from your previous grant application; we want to see the benefits of the prior work we have funded, and how additional funding will be beneficial to the project as a whole.

If I provide updates and photographs to the Council, can my project be featured on the Green Fund website?

Absolutely!  Each project was chosen for funding because of its contribution to sustainability on campus, and we would love to feature as many as possible on our Green Funded Projects page.  Please submit any updates or photographs to